Hi I’m hempowerment.

I do yoga. I like food. I eat things. I read cookbooks. I work in tech. I live in North London with my husband and a cat.

I work out and do yoga sporadically, with happiness as my goal. I don’t count macros.

I cook real food in a real, little galley kitchen. There’s no wooden pallet tables, no carefully mismatched furniture, no slate plates. It’s a little messy. This, then, is a blog with ideas to inspire you to cook in your home. The recipes are inexact: food preferences vary so much, and the reality of home cooking is that you often work with what you have.

Think of this as an antidote to the curated lifestyle, living for the rest of us: the anti-Anthropologie, the un-Kinfolk, if you will. This blog reflects how I live, cook and eat, in the midst of space-crunched urban imperfection. I hope you will see parts of your life reflected in it also, and you will be inspired to cook and bake anything you want in whatever space you have.

blog details

This blog uses hexo as the framework and instafeed to pull from instagram.

It’s still in progress. Things to add:

  • search function
  • ability to sort by date or location
  • some kind of archive organisation

I’m open to suggestions or comments. Contact me at blog@hempowerment.org.