Coffee Snickers Smoothie
Thursday, 24 Aug 2017


I occasionally eat a Snickers for breakfast. Maybe you do too. This is a better alternative. It’s not the healthiest smoothie in the smoothie spectrum - a lone banana is really the only representative from the fruit & veg food group- but it’s like liquid Snickers. With coffee.

This requires a little bit of preplanning. The frozen bananas of course, which you might or might not keep a stash of in the freezer, and the chilled coffee. I find that making it with fresh, hot coffee cooled with ice waters down the final result, and while you could conceivably make it with a spoonful of instant coffee it doesn’t taste as good as with ‘real’ coffee, though I must confess I’ve only used Sainsburys ‘own-brand’ instant coffee, which I keep for emergencies and baking. So what I do is I make up a small 6oz cup of hot coffee (to be more exact: I use the Bodum ‘Le Pot’ tea cup, the kind Captain Picard drinks from) the night before and stick it in the fridge to chill. You could use a shot of espresso, or cold brew a cafetiere of coffee, or stick with the instant which requires no forethought.

The exact volume of coffee doesn’t totally matter, since you’re just going to fill up the blender with chocolate milk to the 500ml mark. Beware of how sweet your base ingredients are - you’ll need to exercise some common sense here. If you’re using a cheap-ass supermarket own-brand peanut butter with added sugar like I am, then you can probably forego the dates. If you’re using unsweetened peanut butter but your chocolate milk is thick and sweet, you might not need dates either. I like using Oatly chocolate milk which is quite sweet already.

The next day, wake up and blitz everything for a creamy chocolatey smoothie.

This is easily varied to suit your mood and what you’ve got in the kitchen. If you’ve got some plain unsweetened almond milk, you can use that and add a tablespoon of cocoa powder and possibly a date. If you need more sustenance in the morning, you can add 1-2 tbsp of oats. If you feel like opening jars and using spoons and things is likely to be beyond you when you wake up the next morning, you can prep most of it the night before by throwing everything except the frozen banana in your blender jug (or any jug) with the hot coffee, and sticking it all in the fridge to chill (this works especially well if you want to add oats). In the morning just wake up, grab your frozen bananas from the freezer and throw it in the blender with the rest of the stuff. Do note that you need your banana to be frozen to lend a creaminess to your smoothie, this just doesn’t happen with fridge temperature bananas.

Coffee Snickers smoothie


Serves 1

  • 1 serving coffee (chilled)
  • chocolate (oat) milk
  • 1 chopped frozen banana
  • 2 tbsp peanut butter
  • optional dates for sweetness

Dump the coffee, banana, peanut butter and dates (where necessary) in your blender. Add enough chocolate milk up to the 500ml mark.

Blitz and drink.